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Survey Results on School Safety

Posted on Jun 27, 2013 in Czarisms | 0 comments

Security in our schools continues to be a hot topic in courtrooms, legislative halls and around dining tables in the United States. In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, we have heard endless debate on gun control laws with no clear winners and at the end of it all we have to wonder if anyone is really fighting for our children or their own political agenda. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for Washington to get it’s act together to provide our children with a safe learning environment. There are many things that can be done without legislation that can ensure better security for schools.

schoolhallway1 Survey Results on School SafetyHere are some interesting statistics from a survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs that reveals what American’s believe is important in the effort to make our schools safer.

  • Communication- Most parents don’t believe that security measures in the schools are clearly communicated. Only 16% of those polled believed that they received good communication about security at their childs school.
  • Video Surveillance- Over half, 60%, said that they would prefer that their child attend a school with surveillance monitoring equipment.
  • Secured Entrances- Roughly 37% felt that locked doors was the most effective way to keep schools safe. This method is obvious, but highly reliant on human resources to maintain that all exterior doors are properly closed at all times. A daunting task in light of the fact that most school systems have reduced personnel significantly in the last five years.
  • Armed Guards- This survey concluded that about three in ten saw armed guards as the most effective way of keeping schools safe.
  • Other Security Measures- 1% of the polled respondents offered suggestions on other ways to better secure schools. The suggestions included metal detectors, religion in schools, employees carrying concealed weapons and gun control laws.
  • Other Key Findings- Not surprising, most of the US respondents felt that safety needs to be a priority and that current funding allocated to school safety is inadequate. Additionally, over half (54%) of the respondents from the US said that they are more concerned with safety at school than they were one year ago.

We don’t have to wait on Congress to help us make our schools safer.  We can use metal detectors, video surveillance and two-way radios to assist personnel in keeping our schools safe. Even used in a limited fashion, the right equipment can make staff more efficient, better prepared and is an economical addition to any security plan.

At Public Safety Czar we work to be sure that the schools that we serve have the very best equipment for their specific needs. So whether it is metal detectors, two-way radios or megaphones, we offer a consultative approach and the most technologically advanced equipment available today. Call us today for a free quote 800-344-8140.



Dangerous Schools In America

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screenshot Dangerous Schools In AmericaRecently, ABC aired a story about one of the most dangerous schools in America. It was the story of Strawberry Mansion High School in Philidelphia.

This is a school that has armed guards over 90 security cameras, metal detectors, and, of course, their staff makes good use of two-way radios on a daily basis. This school does not represent the norm in America, as a whole, but you must have the right equipment and trained staff to keep students safe at a minimum.

Our last post discussed armed guards in our public schools. And, it seems that most Americans believe that having guards in schools is a good way to keep our children safe. Not all schools can afford tohave the extra staff and training necessary to provide armed guards. If that is the case for your school, you must stay informed about technology that can help stand in the gap for extra personnel.

Top quality hand-held radios, metal detectors and megaphones can stretch your budget and make the most of the staff that is available to you. We’re glad to help you figure out what will work best for your budget and unique situation.

Give us a call. 800-344-8140

Armed Guards In Public Schools

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The Debate Continues On Armed Guards In Schools

4484412358 4a21826cd0 b Armed Guards In Public SchoolsA quick Google search is all that is needed to show that there are many arguments about armed guards in our public schools. One poll showed that 74% of Americans believe more security guards would help prevent mass shootings in public places like schools and movie theaters. Another showed a more evenly split poll with 53% saying yes to more armed guards and 47% saying no.

It is estimated that about 1/3 of all public schools already have armed security guards. And, while we as Americans seem to be ok with an armed presence in some places like airports and government buildings, there are is a population that doesn’t want them in schools. They tout “police state” and “armed camp” as opposition to armed security personnel. This same group also supports gun bans, restrictions, lists and other actions that don’t necessarily target a potential criminal or event.

We protect  professional athletes and coaches with armed guards, why not our children?

Now, it would appear that the armed guards that are currently in the public buildings that many of us frequent daily are there for the purpose of providing a safe environment. We have armed guards in banks, malls and even escorting professional athletes and their coaches. We don’t object to safeguarding these places and people with armed security so why not our children?

There are other security measures that can be addressed with our schools and public places such as specific, entry-controlled methods like most airports currently use. Some newer schools were able to design their entry in this way, but for older schools and buildings, re-routing traffic and changing parking areas can be time and cost prohibitive. Given that a large majority of schools are already addressing security with full time staff as Safety Monitors, training with firearms is the next logical step.

We will never be able to provide a 100% safe environment in this world but we can do more to protect our children in their schools.

Weigh in with your comments. We would love to hear from you.

Two-Way Radios Provide Safety and Efficiency

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A recent poll of security experts, conducted by Campus Safety Magazine, showed that the most vulnerable areas for school security breaches included outside areas (such as parking lots and athletic fields), theL CampusSafetyMagazineMostVulnerableAreasOfSchools Two Way Radios Provide Safety and Efficiency main entrance and exterior doors. Having personnel trained in observation and a reliable way to communicate throughout the campus can go along way in reducing that vulnerability.

Hand-held radios can increase the probability that incidents get reported in a timely and efficient way.

Consider this scenario:

After a string of beautifully warm, sunny spring days, the teachers begin taking advantage of the weather and bringing their classes outside. Eventually an exterior door will be left open.  A staff member sees the open door, but it is 25 or 30 yards down a hallway. As he begins to make his way down the hall, someone enters and quickly moves away in the other direction. Now, this may be completely innocuous. With a two-way radio, the staff personnel can communicate this information immediately to administration or a Resource Officer. The unidentified intruder is intercepted by the Resource Officer within minutes and, thankfully, it is a lost parent that is quickly educated on proper admittance to the building.


It is a different story without the two-way radio.

Now the staff personnel has to make the decision to pursue the unidentified intruder on foot or make his way to a front office to report the incident or maybe to just shrug it off as not worth reporting. There are no really good options in this story.

We live in an imperfect world, but isn’t it great that we have technology that helps provide a safe environment for school children and creates greater efficiency for the staff at the school? After all, they are there to teach and learn. Given the right resources, our children can be safer, and teachers and administrators can spend more time focused on creating environments for learning.

Public Safety Czar offers a full range of two-way radios and audio accessories that are perfect for campus environments.

Give us a call today and get the right equipment for your specific needs.







Stretching Thin Communications Budgets

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It doesn’t take “rocket science” intelligence to see that public school districts are working on less and less these days.

In fact, just surface level research revealed that most are operating on about 80% or less of the budgets they had in 2008.

lean times Stretching Thin Communications Budgets

That is a pretty steep decline in a short time span. So how to do more with less is the number one priority, and old school is back in style.




Listen carefully to what the dealer is saying. You want to work with someone that you trust and that you feel confident will be there in the future. All radios will need to be replaced at some time and having a relationship with a trusted dealer will be a time saver down the road. Be sure you know what you are really getting. If you are thorough on your research, this is a no brainer, but a free trial or money-back guarantee will cover what you missed in research.




Figure out what you absolutely must have in your radio capabilities and then prioritize. Perhaps a longer battery life will actually cut down the number of handsets you need. A better constructed hand-held might be worth the few extra bucks over costly repairs and back up radios during peak season.




Perhaps purchasing 12 radios and an extra battery back up will garner better pricing than the original 10 you were thinking of buying. This can be a great way to reduce costs later by purchasing accessories and possibly even other equipment such as megaphones or hand-held, wand-style metal detectors at the same time. Knowing the full scope of your needs beforehand is key here.


Last but not least…


If you are happy with your merchandise and receive great service from your provider, remember to offer referrals. Not only are you helping out the one you are referring to, but good referrals are incentives to better pricing from your dealer.


Let us know what has worked for you in dealing with the lean times?


How To Comply With Narrowbanding Requirements

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Whatcha gonna do?

There are actually several options for most organizations to consider when you are moving toward compliance with the new narrowbanding requirements. There are some retailers out there trying to sell you ALL new radio equipment by using scare tactics. Know this. You may not have to replace all of your radios. Some of your radios just need reprogramming. Certainly, there will be other instances where your current radios will not comply with new regulations, and a little planning will go a long way.

First Things First.

Get organized by gathering your radios and making a thorough and complete inventory of all equipment. A current list of what you are using detailing model numbers will go a long way in determining what can be reprogrammed and what needs to be replaced. An experienced retailer, like Public Safety Czar, will be able to quickly determine which radios radios fall into the category of reprogram versus replace.

We will even reprogram the ones that can be for free.

There is a Time for Everything.

For that equipment that needs replacing, this is an optimum time to upgrade those radios for the long run and to determine what other accessories should be replaced as well.  The most important thing here is to be certain that you are not buying outdated 25kHz mode-only radios. It is certain that some guys will try to dump these outdated two-way radios at a highly discounted price. Get to know your supplier and build a relationship for the future because narrowbanding will not be the last change in this industry.

Get to know Public Safety Czar by letting us reprogram your radios for free!

Contact us at 800-344-8140.

The TRAP of Narrowbanding

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The land mobile bands VHF and UHF are highly congested.

There is often not enough spectrum available to existing licensees to expand or implement new systems. Even the cell carriers run into spectrum issues, which is why they keep upping your data costs and lowering how much you get for your frequency The TRAP of Narrowbanding

To promote more efficient use of radio frequency bands, mandatory narowbanding is being implemented as of January 1, 2013.  As the conversion to narrow channel bandwidth occurs, new channels become available.  The hope is that this will spur development of new technology.  Technologies that will promote more efficiencies, greater clarity and capabilities.

The down side

You definitely don’t want to be the last one on the block to make the conversion. As others begin to convert to the narrowband technology you may see an increase in interference on your channel.

The trap is that you may not need to actually replace your radios. Some of them can be reprogrammed, which is a lot less expensive.

Public Safety Czar can help you with the process for inventorying your communications equipment and testing it against narrowbanding requirements. And, we offer free programs to help in this process.

Give us a call today at 800-344-8140 for your free consultation on how to stay out of the narrowbanding trap.

Narrowbanding Defined

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What is the narrowbanding buzz all about?

We’re being asked everyday now “What is this narrowband compliance thing I am hearing about?” It’s actually been in motion for many years now, but the deadline to comply is fast approaching, and therefore the increase in information and misinformation.

What is narrowbanding?

Most current radio systems use 25 kHz wide channels. The order is to migrate those radios to 12.5kHz or retire the equipment by January 1 of 2013. This affects all systems on VHF and UHF between 150 and 512 MHz. Pretty simple but raises many questions. Such as how, why and when? We are going to tackle all of that and more in the next couple of weeks. Look here for information on reprogramming, planning your conversion and ways to stay within your budget.

Send us your questions on narrowbanding.


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Chardon Ohio high school 007 Heartbreaking...That one word sums up the feeling for yet another tragic, violent day in a US high school. It is about so much more than what is being reported in the media. With all of the programs and new thoughts in our schools today it is obvious that the real change needs to begin outside of the classroom. The students bring what is outside, inside.

Our prayers go out to all of the students, faculty and staff at Chardon High School. God bless you.


Photograph: Mark Duncan/AP

Metal Detectors in Mall!

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We don’t think so – at least not yet. But with over 190 million folks a month visiting malls around the U.S.  and the random violence we see from time to time, security is a huge concern with management.


Communication a Top Priority!

mall metal detector Metal Detectors in Mall!If we aren’t going to check visitors when they enter the premises, we at least need to be able to keep an eye on them and be able to communicate effectively with other security personnel in the mall. Your two-way radio is going to be the key to alerting others to a potential hazard or bringing medical help to someone quickly. In the case of a medical emergency, it can mean the difference between life and death.

The “push to talk” instant communications that our two-way radios provide proves invaluable to emergency communications. PSC’s radio technology combined with your own personnel training and emergency plans will prepare you for any situation.

Certainly, there are many obstacles to providing a safe environment in an otherwise very public space.

Let us know some of your plans for 2012 on how keep the mall safe while not negatively impacting the shopper experience.

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