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What our customers say:

“I began working with Public Safety Czar a few years ago and am still very pleased with both the radios and the service. With safety being an utmost concern in school districts today, it is very important to have radios that we can count on. They have helped us customize our radios to fit our needs in individual buildings and the district as a whole at a price that is affordable within tight budgets. I would highly recommend their radios.”

Beery Johnson
Assistant Director for Student Services – Director of Transportation and Safety
St. Joseph School District
St. Joseph, MO

“Great products, very customer oriented and always responsive to our needs. I would recommend this company to everyone.”


Valentino Colantuono
Director of Facilities & Information Technology
American Quality Schools
Chicago, IL

“This is to inform you of my adventures with your XU1000 2-way radio. Two months ago I set the radio on the tire of our Bobcat Loader and went to do another chore. A co-worker moved the machine without seeing the radio and ran over it, dislodging the battery and belt clip and scarring the radio. Seeing this I thought it was a goner, but I was able to snap the battery back in and it worked perfectly.

Yesterday I was working on a water feature and set my radio down, and a co-worker inadvertently knocked it into 18” of water. I noticed it after 10 minutes and retrieved it, turned the power off, removed the battery and set it by a fan overnight. The next day it worked flawlessly. Today I ordered 4 more units, excellent customer service and product.”

Ken Erikson
Facilities and Grounds Manager
Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort
Leavenworth, WA

“I run a district-wide after school program, and staying in touch with all staff is crucial.  The safety of our students as well as the coordination of our programming depends on clear communication.  Public Safety Czar has fulfilled our need for durable radios and responsive customer service.

Over the past three years, I have given all my communication business to Public Safety Czar because I am so satisfied with the reliability of their products and people.”

Heather Josephson
Director Education Stations
Melrose Public Schools

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