POCKET UHF 2-Way Radio

Regularly $129—on sale for $89 (save 30%)



Public Safety Czar has helped over 1,000 schools across North America.

Given today’s economic and social climates, there is even greater pressure for great-performing communications systems at exceptional prices. PSC leads the way.



PSC Radios are certified to MIL-STD-810 C, D, E and F. We have passed the entire battery of tests for durability.


Public Safety

Two-tone decode and five-tone encode for paging is available in many of our radios. With 20-hour battery life, the combination is hard to beat at any price.



High quality at low price. Profit margin pressure forces frugality. Come to PSC.

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"Over the past three years, I have given all my communication business to Public Safety Czar because I am so satisfied with the reliability of their products and people."

Heather Josephson

Melrose Public Schools

“I began working with Steve Markland and Public Safety Czar a few years ago and am still very pleased with both the radios and the service."

Beery Johnson

St. Joseph School District

"Yesterday my radio fell into 18" of water. I dried it out and the next day it worked flawlessly. Today I ordered 4 more units."

Ken Erikson

Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort

"Great products, very customer oriented and always responsive to our needs. I would recommend this company to everyone."

Valentino Colantuono

American Quality Schools