Survey Results on School Safety

By Laura Stein / June 27, 2013 /

Security in our schools continues to be a hot topic in courtrooms, legislative halls and around dining tables in the United States. In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, we have heard endless debate on gun control laws with no clear winners and at the end of it all we have to…

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Dangerous Schools In America

By Laura Stein / June 3, 2013 /

Recently, ABC aired a story about one of the most dangerous schools in America. It was the story of Strawberry Mansion High School in Philidelphia. This is a school that has armed guards over 90 security cameras, metal detectors, and, of course, their staff makes good use of two-way radios on a daily basis. This…

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Armed Guards In Public Schools

By Laura Stein / May 15, 2013 /

The Debate Continues On Armed Guards In Schools A quick Google search is all that is needed to show that there are many arguments about armed guards in our public schools. One poll showed that 74% of Americans believe more security guards would help prevent mass shootings in public places like schools and movie theaters.…

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Two-Way Radios Provide Safety and Efficiency

By Laura Stein / May 6, 2013 /

A recent poll of security experts, conducted by Campus Safety Magazine, showed that the most vulnerable areas for school security breaches included outside areas (such as parking lots and athletic fields), the main entrance and exterior doors. Having personnel trained in observation and a reliable way to communicate throughout the campus can go along way…

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Stretching Thin Communications Budgets

By Czarmeister / April 4, 2012 /

  It doesn’t take “rocket science” intelligence to see that public school districts are working on less and less these days. In fact, just surface level research revealed that most are operating on about 80% or less of the budgets they had in 2008. That is a pretty steep decline in a short time span.…

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How To Comply With Narrowbanding Requirements

By Czarmeister / March 28, 2012 /

Whatcha gonna do? There are actually several options for most organizations to consider when you are moving toward compliance with the new narrowbanding requirements. There are some retailers out there trying to sell you ALL new radio equipment by using scare tactics. Know this. You may not have to replace all of your radios. Some of…

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The TRAP of Narrowbanding

By Czarmeister / March 18, 2012 /

The land mobile bands VHF and UHF are highly congested. There is often not enough spectrum available to existing licensees to expand or implement new systems. Even the cell carriers run into spectrum issues, which is why they keep upping your data costs and lowering how much you get for your money. To promote more…

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Narrowbanding Defined

By Czarmeister / March 10, 2012 /

What is the narrowbanding buzz all about? We’re being asked everyday now “What is this narrowband compliance thing I am hearing about?” It’s actually been in motion for many years now, but the deadline to comply is fast approaching, and therefore the increase in information and misinformation. What is narrowbanding? Most current radio systems use…

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By Czarmeister / March 5, 2012 /

That one word sums up the feeling for yet another tragic, violent day in a US high school. It is about so much more than what is being reported in the media. With all of the programs and new thoughts in our schools today it is obvious that the real change needs to begin outside…

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Metal Detectors in Mall!

By Czarmeister / February 11, 2012 /

  We don’t think so – at least not yet. But with over 190 million folks a month visiting malls around the U.S.  and the random violence we see from time to time, security is a huge concern with management.   Communication a Top Priority! If we aren’t going to check visitors when they enter…

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