New Souper Bowl Traditions

By Czarmeister / February 5, 2012 /

The Super Bowl is a lot like Thanksgiving… – a lot of people crowded into a room with too much food. Only now, we are crowded around a coffee table in front of the TV instead of the dining room.   There is  the occasional outburst of joy or anger directly related to just how…

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Size Does Matter

By Czarmeister / February 2, 2012 /

Downsizing your Two-Way Radios When it comes to your hand held radio design, size definitely matters. But, not only size, the actual design and structure of the radio can be the most important factor in your decision on what to buy. Recent trends in two-way radios show that significant strides have been made in reducing…

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5 Keys to Better Radio Communications

By Czarmeister / January 26, 2012 /

Unlock the door to better radio purchases There are a lot of criteria that can be used when evaluating and choosing two-way radios for your organization. And, I am sure that they are all relevant. But, when we talk with our customers and prospective customers, we have noticed five key areas that cause people to…

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Analog vs. Digital: Is the grass greener on the other side?

By Czarmeister / January 19, 2012 /

Use of mobile radios on golf courses and at resort facilities has been a necessity for years now. The functionality and versatility of two way radios has become irreplaceable for the challenges faced in the industry. So that being settled, what is all the hype about digital? What’s the buzz all about? Literally, digital is…

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Ice Storm 2012?

By Steve Markland / January 11, 2012 /

An unseasonably mild winter so far may have left you thinking that old man winter is passing us by this year, but research in weather trends tell us otherwise. According to both official and unofficial forecasters, we should expect to see the extreme conditions we have experienced in the last five years to continue. Even the…

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One Year to Go on Narrowbanding

By Steve Markland / January 4, 2012 /

Time is ticking…out In just over a year, public safety and business industrial mobile radios that operate in the 150-512 Mhz bands are going to see their sunset of the 25 kHz technology. If you use these radios, they have to go. The FCC threatens “admonishment” (don’t we call that shame?), fines or the loss…

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3 Considerations when choosing Two-Way Communications

By Czarmeister / December 27, 2011 /

When Lives Depend On It! This is the thing no one talks about  until after the fact. There is case upon documented case of technology failure or just under performing that results in lost lives. At the end of it all, when technology works, all is well, but some times it just doesn’t. The communications…

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Public Safety Czar Launches its New Website

By Steve Markland / December 16, 2011 /

We are delighted to go live with our new website. This will make buying two-way radios, audio accessories and more a whole lot easier. Please let us know about your experience with the new site and provide any thoughts on how we can improve your shopping experience. Thank you! Steve Markland President, PSC

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