school safety | public safety czarRecently, ABC aired a story about one of the most dangerous schools in America. It was the story of Strawberry Mansion High School in Philidelphia.

This is a school that has armed guards over 90 security cameras, metal detectors, and, of course, their staff makes good use of two-way radios on a daily basis. This school does not represent the norm in America, as a whole, but you must have the right equipment and trained staff to keep students safe at a minimum.

Our last post discussed armed guards in our public schools. And, it seems that most Americans believe that having guards in schools is a good way to keep our children safe. Not all schools can afford tohave the extra staff and training necessary to provide armed guards. If that is the case for your school, you must stay informed about technology that can help stand in the gap for extra personnel.

Top quality hand-held radios, metal detectors and megaphones can stretch your budget and make the most of the staff that is available to you. We’re glad to help you figure out what will work best for your budget and unique situation.

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