Whatcha gonna do?

There are actually several options for most organizations to consider when you are moving toward compliance with the new narrowbanding requirements. There are some retailers out there trying to sell you ALL new radio equipment by using scare tactics. Know this. You may not have to replace all of your radios. Some of your radios just need reprogramming. Certainly, there will be other instances where your current radios will not comply with new regulations, and a little planning will go a long way.

First Things First.

Get organized by gathering your radios and making a thorough and complete inventory of all equipment. A current list of what you are using detailing model numbers will go a long way in determining what can be reprogrammed and what needs to be replaced. An experienced retailer, like Public Safety Czar, will be able to quickly determine which radios radios fall into the category of reprogram versus replace.

We will even reprogram the ones that can be for free.

There is a Time for Everything.

For that equipment that needs replacing, this is an optimum time to upgrade those radios for the long run and to determine what other accessories should be replaced as well.  The most important thing here is to be certain that you are not buying outdated 25kHz mode-only radios. It is certain that some guys will try to dump these outdated two-way radios at a highly discounted price. Get to know your supplier and build a relationship for the future because narrowbanding will not be the last change in this industry.

Get to know Public Safety Czar by letting us reprogram your radios for free!

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