It doesn’t take “rocket science” intelligence to see that public school districts are working on less and less these days.

In fact, just surface level research revealed that most are operating on about 80% or less of the budgets they had in 2008.

That is a pretty steep decline in a short time span. So how to do more with less is the number one priority, and old school is back in style.




Listen carefully to what the dealer is saying. You want to work with someone that you trust and that you feel confident will be there in the future. All radios will need to be replaced at some time and having a relationship with a trusted dealer will be a time saver down the road. Be sure you know what you are really getting. If you are thorough on your research, this is a no brainer, but a free trial or money-back guarantee will cover what you missed in research.




Figure out what you absolutely must have in your radio capabilities and then prioritize. Perhaps a longer battery life will actually cut down the number of handsets you need. A better constructed hand-held might be worth the few extra bucks over costly repairs and back up radios during peak season.




Perhaps purchasing 12 radios and an extra battery back up will garner better pricing than the original 10 you were thinking of buying. This can be a great way to reduce costs later by purchasing accessories and possibly even other equipment such as megaphones or hand-held, wand-style metal detectors at the same time. Knowing the full scope of your needs beforehand is key here.


Last but not least…


If you are happy with your merchandise and receive great service from your provider, remember to offer referrals. Not only are you helping out the one you are referring to, but good referrals are incentives to better pricing from your dealer.


Let us know what has worked for you in dealing with the lean times?


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