Security in our schools continues to be a hot topic in courtrooms, legislative halls and around dining tables in the United States. In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, we have heard endless debate on gun control laws with no clear winners and at the end of it all we have to wonder if anyone is really fighting for our children or their own political agenda. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for Washington to get it’s act together to provide our children with a safe learning environment. There are many things that can be done without legislation that can ensure better security for schools.

schoolhallwayHere are some interesting statistics from a survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs that reveals what American’s believe is important in the effort to make our schools safer.

  • Communication– Most parents don’t believe that security measures in the schools are clearly communicated. Only 16% of those polled believed that they received good communication about security at their childs school.
  • Video Surveillance– Over half, 60%, said that they would prefer that their child attend a school with surveillance monitoring equipment.
  • Secured Entrances– Roughly 37% felt that locked doors was the most effective way to keep schools safe. This method is obvious, but highly reliant on human resources to maintain that all exterior doors are properly closed at all times. A daunting task in light of the fact that most school systems have reduced personnel significantly in the last five years.
  • Armed Guards– This survey concluded that about three in ten saw armed guards as the most effective way of keeping schools safe.
  • Other Security Measures– 1% of the polled respondents offered suggestions on other ways to better secure schools. The suggestions included metal detectors, religion in schools, employees carrying concealed weapons and gun control laws.
  • Other Key Findings– Not surprising, most of the US respondents felt that safety needs to be a priority and that current funding allocated to school safety is inadequate. Additionally, over half (54%) of the respondents from the US said that they are more concerned with safety at school than they were one year ago.

We don’t have to wait on Congress to help us make our schools safer.  We can use metal detectors, video surveillance and two-way radios to assist personnel in keeping our schools safe. Even used in a limited fashion, the right equipment can make staff more efficient, better prepared and is an economical addition to any security plan.

At Public Safety Czar we work to be sure that the schools that we serve have the very best equipment for their specific needs. So whether it is metal detectors, two-way radios or megaphones, we offer a consultative approach and the most technologically advanced equipment available today. Call us today for a free quote 800-344-8140.



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