A recent poll of security experts, conducted by Campus Safety Magazine, showed that the most vulnerable areas for school security breaches included outside areas (such as parking lots and athletic fields), theL-CampusSafetyMagazineMostVulnerableAreasOfSchools main entrance and exterior doors. Having personnel trained in observation and a reliable way to communicate throughout the campus can go along way in reducing that vulnerability.

Hand-held radios can increase the probability that incidents get reported in a timely and efficient way.

Consider this scenario:

After a string of beautifully warm, sunny spring days, the teachers begin taking advantage of the weather and bringing their classes outside. Eventually an exterior door will be left open.  A staff member sees the open door, but it is 25 or 30 yards down a hallway. As he begins to make his way down the hall, someone enters and quickly moves away in the other direction. Now, this may be completely innocuous. With a two-way radio, the staff personnel can communicate this information immediately to administration or a Resource Officer. The unidentified intruder is intercepted by the Resource Officer within minutes and, thankfully, it is a lost parent that is quickly educated on proper admittance to the building.


It is a different story without the two-way radio.

Now the staff personnel has to make the decision to pursue the unidentified intruder on foot or make his way to a front office to report the incident or maybe to just shrug it off as not worth reporting. There are no really good options in this story.

We live in an imperfect world, but isn’t it great that we have technology that helps provide a safe environment for school children and creates greater efficiency for the staff at the school? After all, they are there to teach and learn. Given the right resources, our children can be safer, and teachers and administrators can spend more time focused on creating environments for learning.

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